OAKLAND GLOBAL – OGRE: The former Oakland Army Base (OAB) property, the Oakland Global Project, consists of approximately 366 acres of contiguous land of which 172 acres are controlled by the City of Oakland and 194 acres by the Port of Oakland.

Beginning in 2008, the City, Port, and their selected development partners codified and commenced work on “Oakland Global”, a bold vision to revitalize Oakland’s working waterfront through the creation of a trade and logistics cluster. Phase 1 of the Oakland Global project includes site preparation, infrastructure modernization, rail network expansion, development of rail-served trade and logistics facilities, and development of a multi-commodity bulk marine terminal.

California Capital & Investment Group (CCIG), managing member of Oakland Global Rail Enterprise (OGRE), was selected by the City of Oakland as the Master Developer for the Phase I infrastructure of Oakland Global. CCIG also holds exclusive 66 year lease rights to the 20-acre West Gateway waterfront property (Q1 2016), 12-acre West Gateway rail right-of-way (Q1 2016), and 1.2-acre RIP/LOCO locomotive repair area in the Central Gateway at MH-1 (Q4 2016).

Through the West Gateway rail right-of-way lease, OGRE has operating rights over 15 miles of private track connected to the Port of Oakland’s new $100.9 million unit train storage and manifest rail facility, which was completed in 2017.This rail network gives OGRE the capacity to provide last mile rail services for 9+ million metric tons annually at the West Gateway bulk commodity marine terminal, as well as service to 1.3 million square feet of new warehouse development within the Oakland Global trade and logistics cluster. In furtherance of these rail operations, OGRE recently obtained a Tier 4 diesel engine locomotive through a US EPA and Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) joint grant fund, and executed an Industry Track Agreement with Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR which grants UPRR access across the OGRE West Gateway private rail lines. Additionally, OGRE, through its partner West Oakland Pacific Rail (WOPR), holds UPRR and Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) switching rights for current operations at the Port’s rail yard where it continues to provide rail services to Port tenants.

OGRE’s equipment assets are valued at $5,100,000 with plans to acquire additional equipment as Oakland Global tenant operations ramp up and rail volume increases. As of September 2019, OGRE has funded approximately $4.8 million of its $10.6 million capital requirement to build the four miles of track and related rail infrastructure on the City controlled portion of the property, which when completed, will secure usage of +50% of the Port’s support yard as well as first call / first serve basis of the manifest yard.